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Hats off to team of - peer to peer lending india, they have helped many of my patients to get their treatment. They are no. 1 in India for peer to peer lending services to help many people to save their life and spread smiles.

I too vote for - peer to peer lending India, efficient peer to peer lending platform and they are always available for help at any need. I have taken too many helps and also guided my friends to take loan in any needs. They all get and happy. Thanks.

I was searching online for personal loan when I found Fundhouse phone number. The first call was good, although I was skeptical whether it is going to work-out or not. I kept calling many times on account of this doubt that was hovering over me, but they were very patient and helpful. Initially I found it difficult to understand the investor concept but the documentation process was also smooth on my part. I used to visit the office when needed, and if I couldn't, they visited my place. Yeah, it took a little more time than I expected but now I feel really good,in addition to that, the interest is low, you need not worry that it would keep growing. I feel confident that Fundhouse would rise high.

My experience at Fundhouse has been good. The borrower portfolios were well-arranged and specifically informative to help me come to a decision.