What we do at Fundhouse

What we at fundhouse essentially do is provide a virtual market place where borrowers and lenders can interact directly, without having to go through the traditional financial intermediaries like banks, who have become such behemoths in today's time that they dictate all terms and conditions for both borrowers and lenders.

We at fundhouse help eliminate the high margins which banks and financial institutions make on any loan transaction. Our format allows us to keep institutional charges at a bare minimum and we simply pass on this benefit to borrower and lender. Here, you can interact directly with fellow borrowers/lenders, negotiate terms and conditions about interest rates, tenure of loans, etc., and strike a deal on your own, without any intervention/imposition from our end. You pay us a simple Listing fee. Fundhouse.com does not earn out of your interests and hence you do not pay us out of every EMI in your transactions.

Thus, whether you are a Borrower or a Lender, you get the best rates at fundhouse!

Peer to peer lending market in India is growing with an astonishing pace. It connects trustworthy and reliable individual who are in need of money and lenders who want to invest money online for high returns on investment. Fundhouse is one of the leading p2p lending companies in India that facilitates personal loan as well as business loan through this virtual marketplace.

We're transforming the traditional financial system into a quick, cost effective and highly efficient online lending market by eliminating the additional cost and margins charged by the banks and financial institutions, helping people achieve their financial goals everyday.


We nurture dreams into reality & empower every internal stake holder to cross boundaries and challenge once limits; in the process of re-inventing business models that could carve a bright future for the society. We invite go getters to be a part of this frightening, yet very exciting journey; called “In Search of Vikash” & explore their ideas jointly as Founder co-founders or as team mates and unleash their true potential in an environment that compliments, entrepreneurship.