Emerging Fin-Tech Startup as a alternative online lending platform

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About FundHouse

Emerging Fin-Tech Startup as a alternative online lending platform

In this growing global market getting in touch with potential borrowers is challenging and this is where Fundhouse comes into play. Fundhouse is an online marketplace where potential pre-verified, creditworthy borrowers connect and pursue bilateral transactions. Fundhouse helps strike deals amongst the borrowers and also help in repayment.

  • 18 Hours Approval Time

    We value your time and approval your loan request within 18 hours or lesser. Isn't that great?

  • 12.5% - 35% Interest rate

    Borrowers are offered competitive interest rates on personal loans, based on their credit profile.

  • 3 - 18 Months Tenure

    Flexible tenure as per your repayment capability.

  • 80 Borrowers

    Plenty of borrowers have successfully availed personal loan from us.

  • 100% Loan Funding Ratio

     At Fundhouse, funding ratio is more than 99% till date!  



Register as borrower just by following simple registration process, pay the registration fees and provide the required documents as mentioned in our site. We require documents to be submitted to verify the information provided by individuals to ensure documents comply with RBI norms.


Borrowers can send proposals to each other along with some basic information such as reason, amount, preferred interest rate, tenure etc. The receiver of proposal can either Accept, Reject, Re-negotiate or send a counter proposal. Borrowers are allowed to strike multiple deals at one point of time.


Hassle free documentation process makes sure that you do not waste much time in paying physical visits. The parties sign a formal contract after the agreement is made for amount and interest rate for same, followed by transfer of fund to borrower's bank account.



Finsight is our proprietary statistical modeling and machine learning-based analytics engine that forms the core of Fundhouse / CGFL

It began as a simple rule-based decision support system using just 50 data points. With the deep credit insights that Fundhouse / CGFL on-ground team has built over time, Finsight rapidly transformed into a highly robust engine to underwrite Indian businesses and an extremely flexible engine for customer risk and reliability score computation.

Today, Finsight takes into account over 3,500 data points simultaneously to deliver almost real-time appraisal of potential borrowers. Leveraging simple, yet profound analytics techniques viz. pattern matching, dimensionality reduction, probabilistic record linkage, etc., Finsight blends a wide range of data sets from multiple sources to reduce them into comprehensibly fewer number of metavariables.

Metavariables are processed through our proprietary binary modeling and credit analytics algorithms to generate optimized prediction for automated decision making. Finsight's capability to judge accurately the ability and willingness of borrowers to repay minimizes the perceived risk, while extending the credit spectrum.


Satisfied Customers

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From the loan I received through Fund House I was able to pay off my credit card debt at half the interest rate. None of the banks in whole Mumbai was ready to give me loan, which is given by Fund House. Thank you Fundhouse for saving my hard earned money.


I too vote for fundhouse.co.in -Emerging Fin-Tech Startup as a alternative online lending platform and they are always available for help at any need. I have taken too many helps and also guided my friends to take loan in any needs. They all get and happy. Thanks.